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While this web page may be able to bring to you some of the sounds of the seashore, it is still impossible to convey the invigorating smell of the fresh salt air that blows across the beach. For these such delights, you must come.

For those who are planning such a trip (indeed, for those who are already here), we dedicate this page.

Half the fun of any vacation is the planning in advance. We've designed this page to be a resource to know what things to do here. Most people already know of the two or three major things they enjoy doing. But, the real delight of any vacation is try something different — even offbeat ...experiencing something unexpected. These are the things of memories.

Explore the links on the navigational menu at the upper left. From unusual ethnic restaurants, or types of activities or accommodations; from Atlantic City to Cape May, you should have an enjoyable time exploring. The category  catoff.gif (884 bytes) links expand as you click on them, showing each of the specific groups underneath. Also check out the major links at the tops of each page. These are the general areas of interest and give some interesting information as to local history, a constantly updated calendar of events, and how to add your own listing in these pages.

We invite you to sit back an enjoy... Exploring the Jersey Cape.



May 7, 2001
Important administrative note number two..
(number one, below):

My apologies to those viewers who have hoped to find useful information at this site. I have since moved halfway across the country, and am working a new job, and 55 hours per week. While I could disable this site, I have chosen to still leave it up in that I still do hope to bring this to completion one of these days. (Just not one of these days this month. <g>) Even so, any listings submitted will be added for free. --See below.


September 10, 2000
Important administrative note --
FREE listings!:

Help us to help you. 

We must first apologize to those viewers who visit here to find travel and vacation information: When we'd first launched this site about a year ago, our strategy for it's marketing did not move to completion. As you can probably see, the site has not at all yet filled out in it's listings of "those things to do" here.  But we do still strongly believe in it's mission -- to provide you with a great online meeting place and resource to find this information..

While we are still working with those strategies that will make up "Plan B" for the marketing of this site, for a brief season of time, we now announce this significant strategy for all of listers and visitors: 

FREE listings for all of our categories!   Yes, free.

It is essential for us to fill the various categories if we are to become the resource that we desire to be for you. And this our strategy for this time. List your business or activity here. Help us to help you. (Or tell your favorite establishment!) Let us fill our listings and give you the benefit from free advertisement that this listing would bring. End of the season you say? Yes, true; but this offer will extend at least through the 2001 summer season, and possibly more -- a great way to kick off your advertising effort now as you prepare for the new season.

Simply go to the "remote helicopter" link above, and submit your information. Ignore the pricing information that you see there. It's FREE! (We do ask that only listings from Atlantic City and south, be submitted.)

And to those who have come looking for this compiled information for your resources..  we do apologize that the resource is not yet finished. We had listed with a few of the search engines before we knew that the effort would stall. (And only dismantling the site would have backed out the search listings.) So... We ask you to be patient with us until then; follow our progress and share our anticipation of "phase two". Our apologies -- and welcome. 

Tell your favorite business!  

... Don Chinnici, Explore the Shore.

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